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I am a fifth generation grandson of H.I. Peterson, the founder of the Independent Review in Litchfield Minnesota. I write plays, essays, children’s stories, and humorous novels about an art student named Rufus. To start reading for nearly free, merely subscribe to my reader list and I’ll send you something quickly.

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UNITY This weekend I went to see Florian Zeller's comedy called La Verdad. Or, Truth in English. I first read this kid's novels a few years ago. At the time, I was a sad little neurotic boy who enjoyed taking a form of Portuguese pleasure called saudade: sadness, or...

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The Sound and the Fury

THE SOUND AND THE FURY There's something about Faulkner that reminds me of Saramago. I'd forgotten all about Faulkner's style until I recently reread this book. It made me remember that Saramago's not particularly original. And in terms of plot, Saramago's completely...

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The Newsroom

I really enjoy THE NEWSROOM, but. But. Now we have a problem. The problem started a few weeks ago: a friend of mine--a woman!--mentioned that she didn't like the women on the show, "We can do better," she said. I didn't know what that was about: at the time, I hadn't...

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The Importance of Being Earnest

  On the back of my copy of Oscar Wilde’s complete plays, I read an interesting tweet: “The Importance of Being Earnest is the only pure verbal opera in English” –@WH Auden. Interested as I am in opera, I wanted to know more. Unfortunately in my short-lived quest to...

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The Hunger Games

THE HUNGER GAMES The Hunger Games is like, well, it is exciting. You can tell by every single sentence. All the excitement. But it misses its dad, The Hunger Games does. The Hunger Games goes outside. It puts on its boots. Its boots were covered in dog crap, so it had...

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STARWARS A son and his mother read in different parts of the house. They yell at one another. --Hey mom! --I'm reading! --I know: me too. --Are you? --Listen to this opening sentence-- --I'm reading my own book! --"The man, who was not a man, spoke to the bejeweled...

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SERIOUS The art of high modernism assumes a tragic worldview: it is serious. Think DJANGO UNCHAINED and, well, any art movie. Any serious film. Any serious writer. Any real novel. Anything worth any attention in the last 100 years. Harold Bloom. I was watching an...

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MAMET I've been reading the Cambridge Companion to David Mamet. Here are some interesting quotations: "Thematically, Mamet's universe is strongly reminiscent of that of Jerome Bosch. Thematically and formally, [his plays are] also close to the essentially urban and...

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London Fields

I didn't finish LONDON FIELDS; I got one-hundred pages from the end and either got bored, went on vacation, or both. In a phrase: the book stopped pleasing me. Why? The key problem for me was the wild, self-aware prose which filled up 500 pages of an otherwise...

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