What is Kate’s father’s name?
Kate? I thought Kate had two moms.
No; Kate has a mom and a dad; the dad is one of the teachers at your daughter’s school.
Oh, I was thinking of, um; hey, what time is it?
It is almost six. I can’t remember the teacher’s name: Kate’s father.
Which one is Kate?
She has the curly hair.
Oh; what time is it?
Almost six.
What is Kate’s father’s name? Isn’t he a teacher at the school?
Yes, he’s a teacher. I just asked you his name.
You did? I’m sorry: did you tell me the time?
It is almost six.
I love Kate’s hair: I’ve always wanted straight black hair like that–I don’t know why.
Straight black hair, huh.
Yeah, most people want waves and curls and lighter colors, but I love straight and dark.
Do you know the time?
No; no. Do you?
It is almost six.
Almost six! I need to get ready!

The end.