Dad: Where is my yellow shirt?

Mom: It is still dirty.

Dad: Why haven’t you done the yellow laundry yet?

Mom: I can’t; I don’t have a full load.

Dad: Well, get a full load; wash some clean yellow clothes.

Mom: Not until your daughter wears her yellow clothes; then, I’ll do a load of yellows.

Dad: That can’t be all the yellow in the house, really?

Mom: Yes, it is a small load.


Daughter (from across the house): NO, I’M WEARING PINK!


Daughter: I LOVE IT!

Dad: She loves pink; I can’t wear my favorite shirt; why do I even exist?

Mom: Maybe I could buy some yellow lingerie, you know?

Dad: How would that help?

Mom: You know; you know.

Dad: Oh, oh; lingerie-lingerie. Like…

Mom: Yes, just in yellow; something, you know.

Dad: But how would that help?

Mom: When you want to wear your yellow shirt, we dirty all the yellow clothes and, you know, do the laundry the next day.

Dad: But I want to wear my yellow shirt more than once a year.

Mom: Well, maybe I want to wear yellow more than once a year, too.

Their daughter enters the room.

Daughter: What are you guys talking about?

Dad: The yellow laundry.

Mom: Your father wants me to wash the yellows once a year.

Dad: That’s not what I said; I said that I want to wear my yellow shirt more than once a year.

Daughter: Oh, god, I’m sorry I asked; you guys are so boring.

The end.