A man sits at a restaurant table. A woman sits across from him. The power goes out. They sit in darkness.

Man: I was walking to the garden today with my hoe on my shoulder. I was thinking about spinach and carrots when a group of cyclists cycled up the road. The road is over there across a field a ways – fifty yards or so – and the cyclist at the front of the line looked back and yelled over his shoulder.

Woman: What did he yell?

Man: My name.

Woman: That’s unlikely.

Man: Yeah, I know: he was like a hundred yards away from me at the time. I assume my brain was filling in the noise; you know, making meaning out of the void. I heard him yell, and my mind shaped that noise into my name.

Woman: And then you found five dollars?

Man: No, then he yelled again and said, “stop over thinking.”

Woman: Wow, that’s like… What’s the opposite of exegesis? Eye-something

Man: Eisegesis.

Woman: That’s it; you really projected yourself onto the situation.

Man: Yeah, I laughed aloud because I WAS over thinking.

Woman: And the universe yelled at you to just plant the damn spinach.

Man, defensive: Well, it is late in the season for spinach!

Woman: I appreciate how candidly your subconscious speaks with you.

Man: I don’t know; maybe I’ll plant the carrots tomorrow.

Woman: The question will be if you can learn what it is telling you.

Man: What? I was thinking about the carrots. What did you say?

The end.