A man stands outside of a restaurant near a vacant table. After a moment, the waitress approaches.

Waitress: Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to retake your seat inside; the cook has turned on the soup signal, so all customers are kindly asked to retake their seats and eat their soup.

Man: Is this table vacant?

Waitress: Sir, no one likes cold soup. Please, retake your seat for the remainder of the meal.

Man: Isn’t it lovely weather? Couldn’t I sit out here and eat my soup?

Waitress: Sir, two words for you: cold soup. Please, retake your seat inside the restaurant before I have to call security. There is a restaurant warden eating with us this evening who will be more than willing to make an arrest.

Man: Oh, well; okay, I’ll return to my seat.

Waitress: Thank you so much, and as always, thank you for choosing us for your dining experience.

Man: No, no; thank YOU!

The end.