A man and a woman drive around town.

A: I could care less where we eat.
B: Oh, good, I was worried we would fight; god, I’m tired of fighting.
A: I just don’t want Italian.
B: I thought you said you didn’t care.
A: I said, I could care less.
B: I thought you said “I couldn’t care less.”
A: No, I said, I could care less, which means I care a little.
B: How little?
A: Uh, anything but Italian.
B: Is pizza Italian?
A: It was originally, but its origins are now meaningless.
B: So we can have a pizza?
A: Yes.
B: What kind of pizza? Dare I ask.
A: I couldn’t care less.
B: Pardon?
A: I could not care less.
B: You could NOT care less?
A: Yes.
B: Okay, so we can have a pizza tonight, and it can be any kind of pizza.
A: Yes, but now that I’m thinking about it.
B: Oh, god.
A: I don’t care for a lot of meat.
B: So, you couldn’t care–no, wait–so you could care less about the kind of pizza.
A: Yes, that’s it.

The end.