Two friends sit in a café terrace and look at their phones.

Guy: Hey, can you guess what three things Jeffrey Bezos has that make him more productive than you?

Friend: Lots of money, an enormous floating mancave, and an attractive office assistant?

Guy: Wow, how did you guess all three on the first try?

Friend: Hey, look at this.

The friend shows his friend a photo of an adorable kitten.

Friend: I adore adorable kittens.

Guy: I wonder if Jeffrey has a kitten?

Friend: I think a kitten would make ME more productive.

The two friends put their phones down and sit back in their chairs, close their eyes, and daydream for a moment about having an adorable kitten, a mancave, and an attractive office assistant. After a moment, they hear the ping of a phone and both check their own phones for notifications.

Guy: Alas.

Friend: Was that your phone?

Guy: Nope. You?

Friend: No; I guess it was—there, that person in the corner.

Guy: I wonder if that person is being productive.

Friend: He is receiving notifications, so maybe.

Guy: Yeah, maybe.

The end.