A girl and her father walk down a rocky road towards a waterfall and a river swimming pool.

Girl: Hold my hand.

Father: What?

Girl: I said, hold my hand; you aren’t listening to me.

Father: I was thinking about something else.

Girl: This road is too rocky and I might fall.

Father: But I only have two hands; how will I hold all these things for swimming AND your hand?

Girl: Stop, kneel down.

The father does and allows the girl to rearrange the items.

Girl: See? Put that over there like this and now you have a free hand for me!

Father: This works well. Thank you.

Girl: This road is bumpy, so I might fall, but, if I’m holding your hand, I won’t fall.

Father: And, if I’m holding your hand, I won’t fall, either.

Girl: Haha, that’s silly; I’m not strong enough to catch you.

Father: You’d be surprised, my dear.

The end.