A father helps his daughter bathe, blow dry her hair, dress, re-dress with even better colors, and finally spritz perfume. The girl stands at the door of the house mildly angry.

Girl: You didn’t button my jacket, or anything!
Father: I disagree.
Girl: It is true: look!
Father: I would agree if you said that I did everything EXCEPT button the jacket.
Girl: Well, I’ll NEVER say that! Never ever!
Father: Look, we are about to go get a pizza, and I don’t want any trouble; if you don’t eat all your pizza or you complain about the cheese being too stringy, you’ll eat cold pizza for breakfast in the morning. Is that understood?
Girl: Can I eat cold pizza for breakfast even if I don’t complain?
Father: Yes.
Girl: Well, stop wasting time, papa. Let’s go!

The end.