A father, mother, and daughter walk into a bar where the national Portuguese football team plays live on television. The family watches in silence for a while.

Mother: We haven’t done this since Madrid.

Father: That was a long time ago.

Mother: No, we did this in Manta Rota when Portugal defeated France.

Father: When Renaldo couldn’t play because of his leg.

Mother: And he ran up and down the sidelines crying and screaming at his teammates.

Daughter: Excuse me. Why is that one man wearing gloves? That green man there with the gloves?

Father: Oh, that is the keeper; he is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands, but he stays inside the box of white lines.

Daughter: No, there’s another one touching the ball with the hands. Look!

Father: That is correct: when the ball rolls out of the big box, someone picks it up with two hands and toss it in again. After that, no one but the keeper can touch the ball with the hands.

Daughter: Who is the man in black in the middle?

Father: That’s the referee. He helps control the players and watches to see that everyone obeys the rules.

The family watches in silence for a while.

Daughter: Why aren’t there any girls? I’ve looked at each player and there are no girls.

The end.