The setting: a beautiful park next to a river where a picturesque waterfall spills into a deep pool crossed by an old Roman bridge under which two white swans swim in the dappled reflections of a sunset beyond the distant hills. Two women sit on a park bench nearby and compare babies with one another. The one baby has dark curls with pale skin and the other has blond curls with dark skin.

First woman: Oh, your baby is so cute!

Second woman: Yours is so adorable!

First: woman: Your baby looks so wonderful in pink! Such pink cheeks!

Second woman: Yours delights me! Such blue eyes!

Enter a hippie from up the street. He wears a smile, tan skin, patchouli oil, cut-off jeans, and a blazer—no shirt below the blazer. Just a ratty old blazer with buttons missing and a hole in one elbow.

Hippie: Good afternoon, ladies!

The women stop their conversation and hold their breath until the hippie has passed down the road.

First woman: Did that just happen?

Second woman: It still is! Look!

Yes, behold, as the women watch, the hippie—now down the street a good pace—pauses in his walk to pick an enormous wedgie from amongst his cut-off jeans. He adjusts the cut-off jeans and continues on his way.

First woman: Well, at least he is wearing underwear?

Second woman: Was he?

The end.