Scarlett punched the brick wall repeatedly until she had made a sizable hole; she reached into the hole for a brick, turned, and knocked Moi across the head. The brick exploded like an asteroid hitting the Yucatan peninsula during the Mesozoic Era. Moi reached up a casual hand and dusted his shoulder.

Moi: My, my, Scarlett.

Scarlett reached her hands into the hole and pulled out two bricks. She stepped up to Moi and boxed his ears with the bricks. She boxed repeatedly.

Moi: Do you want a cup of tea? It is a locally grown green tea. Did you know, there are only two green tea plantations in this part of the country?


And Scarlett hunkered down near the floorboards, got herself a good purchase on the brick wall, and heaved with a grunt like a brontosaurs. The wall toppled right over and part of the roof fell in. The roof fell on the table and upset Moi’s cup of tea.

Moi: Now look what you’ve done, Scarlett; you’ve upset the tea.

Scarlett kicked over a remaining bit of wall and walked out into the wide world.

Moi: Okay, Ewan, she’s gone; you can come out now. Ewan? Ewan?

The end.