Ewan: Who would your ideal dinner guests me, Moi?
Moi: Hm, that’s an interesting question, Ewan. I guess, these three:

  1. Moses
  2. Shakespeare
  3. JRR Tolkien

Ewan: That’s an interesting mixture.
Moi: I suppose they would just sit there looking at one another.
Ewan: Haha, I guess so.
Moi: I’d say, Well, this is fun; just being here with you guys for an evening.
Ewan: And then you’d hug them all?
Moi: I don’t think Moses would let me. Not until after I’d washed my hands, anyway.
Ewan: He was probably bald, right? Shaved his head like an ancient Egyptian.
Moi: Why do you mention it?
Ewan: He wouldn’t give you lice.
Moi: Haha, the one to give lice would be Shakespeare, but he was bald, too.
Ewan: So, the only person you’d talk with would be Tolkien.
Moi: Until he begins reciting Beowulf and we sit silently and listen. And, then Shakespeare would stand up and give a monologue, and, and there would be nothing to say afterward.

The end.