Too early on Saturday morning. The doorbell rings; the doorbell rings again; the doorbell rings a third time and finally Moi answers the door.

Moi: Oh, Ewan, it’s you.

Ewan: Surprise! Biscotti and espresso!

Moi: Huh?

Ewan: I have biscotti!

Moi: Isn’t it a little early?

Ewan: Oh, my god, wait: Did I do it again? Oh, no!

Moi: Feels like it.

Ewan: What time is it? Don’t tell me; it’s early. Too early!

Moi: Look at the sky, Ewan.

Ewan: Oh, my god, it’s dark. I’m so sorry. Oh, no!

Moi: Me too.

Ewan: The light in Scotland, you know, Scotland is basically this dark all day long, so I get confused and I’ll just show up incredibly early in the morning!

Moi: With espresso and whatever that is?

Ewan: And, today, I don’t have my phone—long story, which I don’t have to tell you right now—but, I’m so, so sorry.

Moi: Yeah, me, too, Ewan.

Ewan: Small consolation…. The espresso: it’s still warm.

Moi: Ewan…

Ewan: And, biscotti; freshly baked biscotti.

The end.