Flashback. Johnny’s kitchen. Johnny prepares sauerkraut with this ex-wife. The two stand at a table and chop cabbage. Johnny is naked but wearing a tasteful pink apron. His ex-wife is naked, too, and also wearing a pink apron. Soft elevator music plays in the background. A bottle of wine and two full glasses stand near at hand.

Suddenly, Johnny’s ex pauses in her chopping and casually points her knife at Johnny’s chest. She asks:

Ex: “Johnny, why is it”—

Johnny raises his finger as if to say “Wait a moment” and he reaches for his wine glass; he drinks the whole glass; he puts down the glass.

Ex: “Johnny, why is it that”—

Johnny again raises his finger and reaches for his ex-wife’s wine glass; he drinks her wine glass; he puts it down.

Ex: “Johnny, why is it that you”—

Johnny again raises his finger and reaches for the wine bottle; he drinks for a long moment; he puts it down but keeps a hand on the bottle.

Johnny: “Yes, my dear?”

Ex: “Why is it that you drink wine whenever I open my mouth?”

Johnny lifts the bottle to his lips and drinks the rest of the bottle.

The end.