Moi stands at the door of a public bathroom and looks at the sidewalk. Ewan McGregor approaches.

Ewan: Man, I need to pee!

Moi: Stop.

Ewan: What are you looking at, man?

Moi: Stop, don’t go any further.

Ewan: I need to pee!

Moi: Look at the ground: there is a poo there and some vomit over there.

Ewan, horrified: Ah! Sick! People are so sick—I’m disgusted! People are disgusting! Ah!

Moi: I know; I was just standing here wondering which came first?

Ewan: What? What?

Moi: Which came first: the vomit or the poo.

Ewan: What? What?

Moi: Let’s say someone vomits and then someone else approaches the bathroom later to poo, but, upon seeing the vomit, this person instantaneously poos on the sidewalk.

Ewan: Ah! Ah!

Moi: Or, did someone poo here as a prank and then someone else vomited as a—I don’t know—a visceral reaction to the poo?

Ewan: Ah! Ah!

Moi: My question—the reason I’m standing here—is which came first: the poo or the vomit?

Ewan: People are disgusting! Get away from me! You are disgusting! Ah! Ah!

Ewan McGregor exits stage right.

The end.