Moi sits at a table outside of a café; Ewan McGregor approaches.

Ewan: Indiana Jones!

Moi: Moi?

Ewan: I think it is the hat; the whole ensemble, but mostly the hat.

Moi: If you say so.

Ewan: I don’t think I could wear one—a hat.

Moi: Sure you could: you just put in on your head.

Ewan: But you are so natural at it.

Moi: Just put it on your head; do you want to wear mine?

Ewan: Oh, god, yes, may I, please, oh god!

Moi: Ewan, we are in public; please keep your man-crush… subdued.

Moi offers his hat to Ewan, who takes it in two hands like a crown, raises it, and places the hat upon his head.

Ewan: Dun, du-dun-dun, dun-da-dan!

Ewan skips around Moi’s table humming a famous theme song.

Moi: Ewan, please! Subdue it! Subdue!

The end.