An apartment.

Rufus: Mom? MOM! MOM!

A muffled voice answers.


His mother enters the room. She wears rubber gloves and carries a plunger.

Rufus: Are you cleaning the bathroom again?

Mother: Why, yes, I am. What is it?

Rufus: Have you ever listened to Bob Dylan? His music is just something else.

Mother: No, I haven’t really gotten into him since I was a young girl. I had a boyfriend, once, who liked him a lot.

Rufus: You had a boyfriend!

Rufus laughs and laughs at this idea.

Rufus: What is something that gets better and better with time?

Mother: I don’t have time to play a game of riddles with you like that character you love so much, what is his name?

Rufus: Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit.

Mother: That’s the one. I need to clear the toilet before you use it again.

Rufus: What is something that gets better and better with time? Like, I don’t know, but that’s what Dylan is like.

Mother: Port. A good port wine.

Rufus: I’ve never had port.

Mother: One of my old boyfriends drank port.

Rufus: The same one who liked Dylan?

Mother: Oh, no, god, no, a different one. Haha. That’s a funny idea.

Rufus: I wonder if Dylan likes port?

Mother: I don’t know; let’s sit here for a while and think about it for a while.

Rufus: You’ll have to take off those gloves; no one can work the imagination properly while wearing rubber gloves.

Mother: I thought it was the plunger.

Rufus: Don’t brandish it! Go back, go back into the bathroom!

The end.