Dermot stands near Rufus’ jail cell lost in thought for a moment.

Dermot: I can never remember the name of my office assistant!

Rufus: Kevin?

Dermot: Isn’t it Basil?

Rufus: Huh, for sure it is one of those names with vowels and concordances around the vowels.

Dermot: Concordance around the vowels?

Rufus: Kevin, Basil, Jerry, Bill, you know.

Dermot: Do all of those have concordance?

Rufus: Jer-ry, Bil-ll, Ba-sil, Ke-vin.

Dermot: Oh, yes, I see, Bi-ll, I see, yes. Lots of concordance there.

Rufus: Concordance, vowel, concordance, vowel, and then another concordance at the end.

Dermot: I concord with you, Rufus.

Rufus: When I was a little boy, I thought it was bowel, not vowel. Haha!

Dermot: A bowel concordance; this explains a lot.

Rufus: I was so embarrassed when I learned the truth! It was years after my German nanny taught me the word, too. Years! But, how could I know?

Dermot: How could you?

Rufus: “Vonderful,” she would say, “Vonderful vee vee, Rufus.”

Dermot: “Vee vee?”

Rufus: Well, um, yes, you see, vee vee was–

Dermot: No; don’t tell me. I need to call him, whomever his name is, and ask him about the printer in the office.

Rufus: Call who?

Dermot: The Kevin-Basil person.

Rufus: Oh, the assistant. Nigel?

Dermot: Nigel! The administration supposedly sent over a new printer to the office.

Rufus: Subposebly they sent one, yeah.

Dermot: But did they? And is it new-new or just new to me? And, above all, does it work?

Rufus: Bictor? Is the office assistant’s name Bictor? Bictor was the name of my nanny’s son. He played with me a lot when I was little.

Dermot: Bictor? “Bictor played with me a lot when I was little.” “Bictor played with me a lot when I was little.”

Dermot stands lost in thought for a long moment.

The end.