An unvaccinated Jew raises his hand during a press conference.

President: Um, yes, the unvaccinated Jew there in the back with the silly hat?

Jew: So, these lockdowns for the unvaccinated Jews like me won’t snowball into a negative social stigma? Resulting in a ghetto-starvation situation? And then a concentration camp like, say, in twenty years from now?

President: Uh, I won’t be here in three years, so I haven’t the least idea of how to answer a question about twenty years from now, you Jew.

Jew: Well, I was reading a history book last night—I’m having trouble sleeping—and I saw that the Spanish Flu came through the West in 1918 and then the concentration camps started up in 1939 to 1945. Do you see a similar snowball effect from your decisions today to create camps for the unvaccinated?

President: They are called voluntary quarantine camps, okay? Why won’t you people figure that out! I’m sick and tired of people not using the terms correctly! I personally approved the new definition of “antivaxx” to include anyone who resists vaccine mandates. I think I speak for all the global elites when I say we would all appreciate if you Jews and undesirables would respect the terms we’ve designed for you. This is our narrative, not yours!

Jew: Excuse me, of course I meant quarantine camp not concentration camp.

President: Everyone goes to the camp voluntarily; we charge five thousand dollars and arrest you, or you go for free and voluntarily! Everyone has gone willingly so far.

Jew: Oh, no, I get it. I completely understand.

President: Look, to be candid with you: can I be candid?

Jew: Why not, sir, when so much is at stake for everyone but yourself?

President: We want to punish you a lot because you aren’t conforming to the social credit system that we are building behind the scenes to replace the fiat system that is bankrupt; but, even if you reject the social credit system on religious grounds, I promise you my absolute literal word of honor that this will never snowball into genocide.

Jew: What is your word of honor by the way?

President: Ask my wife! Haha!

The president’s wife yells from the back of the conference room.

Wife: Fuck!

President: Yes, thank you, Margarine, for that encouraging word: yes, my word of honor is in deed Fuck.

Jew: Great, so I have the word of Fuck that this won’t snowball.

President: Yes, and as my next announcement, which wasn’t on the agenda for today, but I’m pleased to announce immediately is that I am filing for divorce later today from that woman there in the back, Margarine.

Wife: I already filed divorce papers earlier today! Haha!

The president topples the podium with a bang and yells his word of honor loudly.

General bedlam. The unvaccinated Jew walks to the front of the room and rights the toppled podium. He adjusts the microphone and speaks.

Jew: If our society must unravel and I must die as a consequence, I’d prefer to do it with as much dignity as I can manage while exquisitely articulating my beliefs. Thank you.

The end.