A bilingual child returns from the beach and talks to her father.

Father: How was the beach?

Daughter: It was amazing; I swimmed the whole time!

Father: Swam, not swimmed.

Daughter: And I only left the water once!

Father: To pee?

Daughter: No, to eat a cake!

Father: What cake did you eat?

Daughter: I ate a bolla de berlim, and, do you know what, I ate my own BY MY SELF!

Father: Was it with cream or without cream?

Daughter: With cream, of course.

Father: Of course.

Daughter: But mom scram at me because of the sand.

Father: Screamed, not scram.

Daughter: Screamed at me because I had sand on my hands.

Father: Unfortunately, in English we don’t say scram and swimmed; we say swam and screamed.

Daughter: I don’t care; do you know that sand and sugar look the same?

Father: Yes.

Daughter: Do you know what we did next?

Father: No.

Daughter: Guess!

The end.