A group of guys sit around a table and discuss how to rebrand the beverage 7-Up.

1: Seven up.

2. Oh, god, where do we get these clients.

3: They pay super well, though, right?

4: Let’s move on, ya’ll, from all those negativities and just do the job.

1. Do the job? Does that have a double meaning?

2: I know: he is always trying to DO things!

3: Ya’ll should have seen him on Friday last after dinner.

4: It was just some dancing!

1: Dancing?

2: “Dancing.”

3: “Dancing!”

4: There was no “Dancing!”; it was just—it was—just—can’t we re-brand the beverage.

1: How will we rebrand a boring-ass beverage like seven up?

2: Add a French word to it.

3: What is up in French? What is seven in French?

4: Let’s just pick a word in French and voilà!

1: How about panache.

2: Voilà!

3: Let’s add an accent to it: panaché.

Giggles all around.

3: What is the drink though? What do we mix with sorry ass seven up to make it desirable?

4: Seven up with champagne?

1: Seven up with red wine?

2: How about mix another boring-ass drink with it?

3: Beer. Cold beer plus seven up equals…

4: Panaché!

The end.