An apartment building. Sylvia stands outside the door of 37a and rings the bell. She holds a soup pot in her hand. After a moment, Kathy opens the door.

Kathy: Hi!

Sylvia: We finished your soup!

Kathy: Oh, good; did you like it?

Sylvia: Oh, of course!

Kathy: The pot is dirty.

Sylvia: Well, the soup wasn’t that good.

Kathy: You ate it but didn’t wash the pot?

Sylvia: Yes, we discusses it and thought this the best path.

Kathy: The best path was to eat the soup and return a dirty pot?

Sylvia: Yeah? Have a good day!

Kathy: Okay, you too?

Sylvia: By the way, the wifi isn’t working: do you mind resetting your router again?

Kathy: Oh, sure, I’ll reset the router as soon as I finish scrubbing out this dried soup pot.

Sylvia: Just soak it in the sink for a couple hours; that’s what I do.

The end.