A ten-year-old swings from a rope swing hung from an oak tree in rural Idaho; he talks to himself:

Ten-year-old: Gosh, I really like to swing; I swing so much some days that I get sick. What is that sickness? A motion sickness? What causes that sickness? Is something sloshing around in my head so much that I become dizzy and want to vomit? I wonder if I’ll swing my whole life long, even as an adult. I don’t see many adults swinging; they do other stuff, those adults. I just love to swing, though. Lots of free time to think and no one is touching you because you are swinging, so there you go; swing, swing, swing. But, that’s an interesting question: will I spend hours and hours of my future adult self just swinging and talking to myself about, I don’t know… stuff? Or will I invent some new, more fun activity instead of swinging? Like walking a dog? I see adults walking dogs a lot. Maybe I’ll walk dogs and talk to myself as I walk the dog? And, what might I talk about when I am an adult? Let’s imagine that my future self if similar to me now: what do I presently talk about with myself? My older brothers. They are so mean to me. Why are they so mean? Why can’t they just be nice to me, huh? There’s the old go-to about the blue sky, of course: Why is the sky blue and not another color? It gets pink at night, so presumably the air changes the light as the light enters the atmosphere. Why not have some other gases and thereby a different color? Do plants prefer a blue sky or a purple sky? Gosh, how would you even answer that kind of question? If there were more gases, and the light entered the atmosphere in say a purple color, would this purple color be better for plants? Oh, I know, I just have to know what colors the plants prefer to absorb: do they like blue more, or purple, or red? Maybe a mix of blue and red, so it would be purple. I like purple; it is probably ideal to be a purple sky. Oh, and bees: When the bees sting you, is the sting a chemical? Is the chemical an acid or a base? The sting hurts more than a thorn or a needle poke, so something must be going inside of the skin and the nerves don’t like it, so if it is a chemical, what is the chemical made of?

The end.