Irene and Teresa walk home from school a few days after they both fell into a well.

Teresa: Thanks for jumping into that well to save me.

Irene: That’s okay; my dad asked me to watch over you.

Teresa: Why?

Irene: I can’t really tell you that, but I was the one in danger, not you.

Teresa: Where is your dad?

Irene: He’s in the Amazon undergoing an experiment.

Teresa: He’s a scientist?

Irene: He’s teaching science to uneducated natives. Probably getting a tapeworm, too.

Teresa: Oh, I see.

Irene: I want to x-ray your spine; would you let me?

Teresa: Wow, I’ve heard some creepy lines, but that’s the creepiest yet!

Irene: No, not like that.

Teresa: “X-ray your spine”–Haha. If you like a girl, just ask her to drink a coffee or you could just walk her home after school and not say creepy things for once in your life, Irene!

Irene: I really want to x-ray your spine, though. As a scientist.

Teresa: “As a scientist!” That’s even worse. “As a scientist.” Don’t tell my uncle’s friends that one; they’ll love it.

Irene: I need to know what you are… made of. And I need to know before the queen sends her generals for you.

Teresa: Queen? Generals? What are you talking about?

Irene: Your mother was a famous person—not in Europe, but in another part of the world—and you look like her. After you sat for that interview on television, your face is out there on the internet and, I assume, it will be only a matter of time before the queen sees your image and knows.

Teresa: Did you know my mother?

Irene: No, but my father did; he told me not to tell you any of this history, but since you interviewed on live television, I know I must do something. I wish I could have stopped you from interviewing.

Teresa: You said my mom was famous? Where? What part of the world? I don’t know anything.

Irene: I can’t tell you that; I’ve already said too much, but, I hope, I’ve said enough to help you.

Teresa: Help me from what?

Irene: The violent death that is approaching.

Teresa: You mean this queen will try to kill me?

Irene: Definitely.

Teresa: Why?

Irene: Sexual competition.

Teresa: Wow, okay, so I was mistaken before about the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard; what is wrong with you, man? And me, what am I doing talking to you, you freak!

Teresa turns abruptly and walks in a different direction.

Irene: Please, Teresa, I need to x-ray you! That’s the only way I can really help you!

Teresa walks away without turning back.

Irene: Charisma, what I would give for charisma.

The end.