Midmorning. An old man stands outside of a building and eats an apple. A second old man hobbles up the road with a walking stick.

Bill: Hey, smoking kills!
Jim: This is an apple.
Bill: Is it?
Jim: Go get new glasses, bitch.
Bill: Who are you calling bitch, punk.

Bill pokes Jim with his walking stick.

Jim: Oh, no; you didn’t!

Jim bludgeons Bill across the forehead with his apple. Bill breaks his walking stick across Jim’s head. The two old men collapse on the ground breathing hard from the effort. Slowly, Jim gathers strength enough to grasp a broken piece of walking stick in his hand like a knife and begin crawling towards Bill; Bill, for his part, looks around him for pieces of apple to throw at Jim: he finds two and tosses them in Jim’s direction.

The end.